Your personal string ensemble for any event.

Entertaining is what they do, and they do it at their best.
They'll play your favorite songs.
From classical to pop, they play it all.

We have musicians ready to fill your event with good live music.


We can customize any package for you.
Feel free to contact us for more information.



prelude and ceremony music

1.5 hours

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prelude, ceremony, cocktail hour, a rehearsal

one custom song arrangement

Time TBD

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prelude, ceremony and cocktail hour

2.5 hours

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ADDITIONAL SERVICES (All prices available upon request)

Custom Song Arrangement


DVD Soundtrack Recording


Sound Reinforcement & Engineer

Electrolynn Reception

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Mission Statement

How many times have we listened to a song and that song brings back memories of a specific moment in time? How many of us can recall the song that reminds us of our first date? Of our first kiss? An anniversary? A proposal? Sympholynn is here to bring back all of those memories and create a new memory of your special day.

Imagine this special day amongst your friends, your loved ones and your soulmate all gathered in one place to create a memory in time that when remembered will fill your heart with love and joy for years to come. Music always helps us remember and Sympholynn will do that and more. Envision elegant and fashionable live acoustic strings of world­class skill... Do you picture a string quartet creating that moment? A string trio? A duo? Or simply a single instrument? If you can see it or hear it, Sympholynn can be it.